Category: Life After Death

Sacred Time


I love my sacred place; I discover new joy coming from deep within

I am filled with our Creator’s consciousness as I open my heart to him

We share this gentle pleasure together as my Holy Spirit aligns 

I am empowered to make good choices enamored with Creation’s signs  

Surrounded in angels harmony, I sing a refreshing melody

Experiencing God’s grace through me in my sacred mystery

Each morning, I am refreshed with heaven helping me

Overflowing in serenity, I trust God’s love explicitly 

I seek to explore my options, creative thought becomes all mine 

Alone in our sacred love affair, I hear my heart ring out in rhyme

I accept a new ability every morning in Creation’s space and time

I have my peaceful assurance in  God’s love being so kind

Divine order expands our universe as our Creator shares his mind

Life Moves On


The air is dry and the wind is strong

The ground is cracked then comes along

A little seed that lands just right

And snuggles into a crack so tight

A heavy rain came from the blue

The little seed bursts deep into

A daisy sprout came busting through

A perfect bloom found the sun

Until it was thirsty and than came the burn

Reaching, stretching as it gave it’s best

Beauty from heaven wilted into the dust

Whimpering dew arose from the mist

A fragrance shimmered and the sky was kissed


Good Friends

Colorfilled Friends

You gave me peace and wholeness by you just being you

Reaffirming within my faith that God’s love from you is true

We have a love Creation upholds as only God can do

In sharing we see that our joy unfolds and is always intertwined

As we find, all good relationships bring a sense of peace to mind

I enjoy giving you my time; this makes me feel so kind

This causes me to say sweet words to God that mean so much

Words for you that come from heaven are just a loving touch

I’m sure that you inspire this love that brings me happiness

From Dust to Paradise

Dimensional Intelligence

All of our dust will turn to ashes

Our hearts are filled with peace

In harmony there are no clashes

All contention will one day cease

Life receives a greater meaning

True Love finds no remorse

In the beauty of believing

Opens hearts to life’s true course

Heaven welcomes our true essence

Love arises from the dead

Breath of life in our existence

Lifts each heart that looks ahead

Near-death Experience


God’s Love reached out as the light called to me

Took my attention to the stars as far as I could see

Then, I looked around me at a world of debris

Then, I looked up into the White Light of pure ecstasy

As if to ask the master, “What do you ask of me?”

My focus was taken into the white fire of a new galaxy

I felt chilled as darkness is consumed by light

Foreboding as the sun swirls in the night

Gravity and matter held me in place

Awakened by God’s Love, my connection of grace

God’s presence drew me into a Love Heavenly

Creation reveals God’s spirit divine

Now in the White Light, Heaven is mine

Enveloped in pure Love, unaware of space-time

Heaven’s consciousness is my true paradigm

Welcome Home


In divine order Love is our original purpose

God’s wonderful ways make us courageous

Our Love light empowers our living universe

Opens our hearts and inclines our minds

We see our Love light intertwined

In divine rhythm where arch angels reign

In due course, we arrive from whence we came

We’re going home to our original domain

We shall arrive in Heaven again.

Paradise Memory

beautiful landscape with cloudy blue sky and rainbow

Springtime’s plants and animals are busy

The center of a new fresh flower I see

Gentle breezes carry fragrances pretty

Expressions of Love are natural and free

Touches of purity in God’s generosity

Rainbows melt colors into a blossom’s glee

Captures my attention thoroughly

Bursts of laughter from the heart of me!

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Love your Neighbor

As we understand, our spirit becomes aware

Our vicinity in eternity, perfection in the air

Heaven’s consciousness is our neighborly affair

Our soul on earth is in Heaven’s care

Our neighborhood is our spiritual sphere

Our personal angels show us where

Through out the ages, in freedom we share

While we live here we also live there

Our life on earth is our eternal prayer

This overwhelming reality is extraordinaire

Our exact location is with our Heavenly neighbor

We are one in God’s Love evolving together

Loving your neighbor is loving yourself

In our hereafter

Growing in Grace


To live by grace in peace rejoice –

Now strength within; a silent voice –

To walk in the light is our solemn choice –

In humility we are transparent –

Preserved by angels Loving spirit –

In sacred hope, God’s Love revealed –

Pure wisdom shows us we are healed –

Our fellowship in grace divine –

Heaven’s Love is yours and mine –

Together, we live in peace –

We are the Lord’s masterpiece!


The Worldly Phase

The Worldly Phase

Here I stand upon a star-

looking at a world of sin-

Thinking deeply why we are-

and wondering who I am-

What is the answer-

to an open heart-

Who leads us on our way-

Does our conscience do its part-

Or do we follow the worldly phase-

Is Love the answer to our emptiness-

Or does fear seem to guide-

Would God above-

please and fulfill us-

Or would this hurt our foolish pride?

Opportunity Accepted


Boldness is to believe that Justice will prevail –

We honor what is good and determine to be real –

Overcome one ego, all-else becomes so frail –

We learn to listen well by choices that fail –

Our divine Comforter teaches us to think –

Like Immanuel, we learn from our mistake –

Find balance to stretch our willpower to the brink –

Blessed are the hopeful for they shall be –

Ignited by the White Light in Heaven’s harmony.



While the signs of the times speak disaster –

Heaven sends angels, God’s divine harvester –

To take departing souls away from the sinister –

Our hearts in harmony know a sweet mystery –

God’s spiritual resilience lives in you and me –

The breath of light is our spiritual liberty –

Our Holy Spirit guides our soul –

Our spirits ascend as our Love unfolds –

In the light of Heaven’s Love we behold –

Our family in Paradise, our joy untold –

Perfectly sacred, eternally whole.

My Key


Courage is found on solid ground –

In the brilliance of God’s integrity –

Love never dies; truth lights up lives –

Spirit leads the heart into stability –

In justice we find mercy –

The Holy Spirit abounds faithfully –

Through intuition and in sensitivity –

Divine wisdom becomes a reality –

We trust and stand quietly –

To listen very carefully –

Discovering truth intrinsically –

Until ignited courageously –

The Holy Spirit is our omnipotent key –

We’re one in the light of God’s deity!

Precious Souls

Lily Aura

One rainbow hoops the sky for miles –

A splendid sight to see –

Light is shining from the stars –

Engages our curiosity –

God sees our true reaction –

Our heart felt appreciation –

For the laws of spirit within creation –

As the sky reflects a grandeur majesty –

Of an omniscient Lord sharing a mystery –

How marvelous is this colorful array –

Someday will carry us to eternity –

In our elegant wonder, these gifts are free –

Does our reaction build our destiny? –

God gives comfort to humanity –

We know our childlike faith –

Amends poor reason, and still we see –

While being held to reality –

By good judgment and gravity –

We are an extension of infinity –

As Love gently nurtures us to grow –

From wonderment comes a peace we know –

In God’s grace, we love life’s quest –

We share deep joy, laughing and sighing –

Loving and learning to find our best –

Until we are out of breath.