Precious Souls

Lily Aura

One rainbow hoops the sky for miles –

A splendid sight to see –

Light is shining from the stars –

Engages our curiosity –

God sees our true reaction –

Our heart felt appreciation –

For the laws of spirit within creation –

As the sky reflects a grandeur majesty –

Of an omniscient Lord sharing a mystery –

How marvelous is this colorful array –

Someday will carry us to eternity –

In our elegant wonder, these gifts are free –

Does our reaction build our destiny? –

God gives comfort to humanity –

We know our childlike faith –

Amends poor reason, and still we see –

While being held to reality –

By good judgment and gravity –

We are an extension of infinity –

As Love gently nurtures us to grow –

From wonderment comes a peace we know –

In God’s grace, we love life’s quest –

We share deep joy, laughing and sighing –

Loving and learning to find our best –

Until we are out of breath.