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What is…

Honor if it does not bring you to humility?

Virtue if it does not bring true love?

Joy if it does not bring triumph over confusion?

Truth if it does not set the way straight before you?

Light if it does not bring a clear understanding?

Love if it does not last?

Grace if not to teach self control?

Mercy if it reminds one of guilt?

Justice if it does not bring truth?

And, who is a God if he is not our friend?

Our Truth is our Connection

DNA Magnification
DNA Magnification

A generous soul is intertwined with God and is a living proof

To our higher consciousness; Our soul’s spirit shares in truth

I believe we’re transparent here, in heaven and in hell

I seek to know my divine will or I am, “a near do well” 

I receive my truth, to dare my will, to trust God to reveal

To spring ahead in faithful proof fulfilling all who feel

One Spirit lives within our bones in laughter and in tears

Searching makes the soul alone; Accepting love takes years

We enjoy sharing the pleasant things we choose

True love is our connection to God; This, we never lose!

A Frown?

Deep LoveII

A frown I see when I look your way

Pardon me, I wish to say

The past is dead that hurt your view

This experience seemed bad to you

Within the dark times when you were there

You found a new love for truth; you now wish to share

You have earned a desire to reveal that you really do care

Creation unveils your soul,  for your own sake

With clarity of mind, divine order “makes no mistake”

This lesson in life became your inner link

You welcome your future, in boldness you think

Your hope shines brighter; stretching your faith to the brink

You find new amazing courage that keeps you in synch

You trust in God’s guidance and now walk in strength

Centered Within

Free Will Decides

I’m on a roll and this roller coaster is rolling me up the hill instead of down

My energy level is on a high plain, I’m feeling fine again; I see all around

I’m flying in waves of starlight before the dawn clears away the misty moon so I can keep my feet on the ground

I hear the angels singing heavenly whispers to my soul where my true love is found

Up through my senses arise sweet harmonic rhythm; a peaceful melody surrounds me in colorful sound

I am so happy that I can flow in this joy of love and I know the lyrics that the angels sing

I am receptive of this wonder as I embrace this day down under –heaven’s goodness that it brings

Centered in this pleasant passion I appreciate my true reaction to creation as everyday, a new horizon rings