Additional Poems

Trust Image


Trust is like a garment that covers us from the cold

Shelters from the night; tender as a child’s hand we hold

Trust carries us into peace; priceless more than gold

Protects our heart from worry; cannot be bought or sold

Innocence learns trust is earned, perhaps lost when old

Trust understands true hope and honors love sincere

God’s trust in us is our relationship and inherently near

Love replaces trust in us and shields us from all fear

You Light up my life

You Light-up My Life

Beams of amusement gleam through our lives

Our heart is transparent; we are not in disguise

Our life is peaceful within comprehensive ties

Our beautiful relation as omnipotence guides

Cognitive sparks of hope cause us to realize

Our connection we know, no longer surmise

Our personal feelings of dimensional size

Embrace one essence in one another’s lives

In our relationships, we evolve to new highs

A Jewel

A Jewel

May your days be filled with wonder –

And your heart be filled with bliss –

Free yourself in boundless laughter –

Absorb your spirit’s exquisiteness –

Explore life, your value is without measure –

Time will tell you are God’s saved treasure –

A fresh outlook, a sweet pleasure –

In thankfulness, in love for life –

Throw the sky a kiss!

Who Am I

Who Am I

When is my time to answer by rhyme –

These ancient questions of the brave –

Where amid this gift of life I lift my voice –

To join the saints from their graves –

How does one mere man sift through the sand –

To find his heart and what it craves –

Who am I to question the highest deity –

How the meek of the earth will save –

What souls will rise with words of praise –

As I admit that by one man’s wit –

Set on fire an eternal blaze –

In the spirit, I can hear it –

Within this reality is –

Pure divine order in my days!

Molecular Image


Our unity already formed before the day of Adam’s seed

One God in the spirit speaks to every tongue and creed

On this ball of clay, we evolve into one Love to concede

One life to receive the essential Love we need

Our lives are one in spirit– together we move indeed

We are gifted with this grace, in unity we succeed

One message system, a living universe in Godspeed

Heaven turns the time around for our soul to proceed