Divine Love


Beyond our earthly possibilities is Heaven’s prosperities. –

Our soul’s Love signature sends grace filled frequencies. –

Our divine intuition unveils our silent wish and mission. –

Ringing from our hearts echoes colors of our prisms. –

As the author of divine time is showing us the way, –

In deep passion we are asking in sweet simplicity. –

Transcending human love we ask simultaneously. –

Together in adoration and wonder filled unity. –

We listen for a fresh new Love to give liberally. –

God’s Love flows beautifully in divine generosity, –

Our new day is dawning for the whole world to see, –

Through all who truly care love extraordinaire is reality. –

The bright and morning star arises in pure sweet honesty. –

Today in Heaven’s starlight, we understand subliminally –

In this Love my Lord I hear. You too are asking me; –

“Today my dear, what do you want of me?”