Life begins procreation

In the vain of inspiration

Causes over population

The beginning of segregation

In the city; you and me

The world keeps on turning

Hell keeps on burning

Heaven keeps on expanding

It all begins with you and me

We laugh until we’re bleeding

Having lost that loving feeling

Overwhelmed with one another’s timing

So, we find a quiet place for unwinding

And this is what we see

Our world keeps on turning

Without people believing

Or even understanding

That we each make decisions

To form a place, we call our destiny

We are Creation’s extension

In this process of beautification

Our soul loves truth in believing

We’re happy to be free and to see

Our own soul grow intrinsically

Rather than fears persuasion, we listen

Love transcends our comprehension

In the consciousness of heaven

With the light of Love’s intervention

Opens hearts to grace’s rhapsody

This is where we want to be

God is generous with good intensions

To show us our true expressions

We’re evolving away from our frailty

By giving the light that we are given

We channel Love’s intervention

It all begins with you and me

If we disregard our soul’s impression

Deny our own spiritual evolution

We are lost in the world of contention

All around us, we see deception

The pride of life leads to a stressful gravity

So we find our faith within, we learn to listen

To respond to our righteous inclinations

This is where we find our dignity

When we love life in appreciation

Our belief system aligns with Creation

In our collective belief systems

Good intensions bring good timing and unity

Prayer consciousness is expressively

Pro-creating our reality in infinity

As the world keeps on turning

And all hell keeps on burning

By our Love, heaven keeps on expanding

This is what we see

It all begins with you and me

As our soul keeps on believing

Life takes on new meaning

By our own good decisions

We’re fulfilling our God’s visions

God’s Love responds through Creation

It all begins with you and me