Now, I see you in a loving light

Each day with new joy and delight

In balancing our goals our souls shine through

Accepting the high road, we see God’s love is true

We compliment one another in rhythm too

We enthuse one another intellectually

Share the secrets of our soul faithfully

We follow wisdom, our light from heaven

Trusting God with our hearts, we open our mind

Held in our hope, angels share the divine

God’s love is one reality as our souls intertwine

Our love becomes one light in universal space-time

I hear in silence, I cherish your trust with mine

We know Creation has given us God’s grand design

In our connection, in all we’ve known

Our unique relationship has easily grown

Your smile carries a similar tone

These mysteries in Creation we’ll eventually own

God’s pleasure is in sharing our earthly trips

God’s wisdom gently falls out of our lips

We kindle love’s depth in healthy relationships

Encouraging messages from above and below

Received in God’s generosity we enjoy the flow

Giving generously from our discernment, we show

By trusting our Lord in divine timing we grow

Eternally unified in spirit we’re whole

Now discovering we’re one in spirit and soul