Boldness Breathes Light


Dare to care enough to face the darkness –

To tangle, and still to my Lord be true –

Earth’s imposters hide behind logistics –

To distort and challenge a good man’s view –

A book written by ancient Romans to subdue and fake –

Mixed pure truth with theory, to impose upon the weak –

To bring conflict into religion for perpetual critique –

In the light of archangels, we see the enemy break –

God’s grace resonates from Heaven’s glories –

Angels hold back the destruction of evil treaties –

Evolved in Heaven’s consciousness, we stand at ease –

Strength in brilliance shine through Michael’s armies –

In faith, we take position and in spiritual prestige –

My preference is silenced, my boldness breathes –

God’s presence comes through bright orbs of peace –

With our own hierarchies, we are in besiege –

Heaven’s light prevails as the contender grieves