Good Morning!

The morning twilight awakens my senses as I look unto hills and skies

I listen to my own “well being,” this brings a fresh horizon to my eyes

The dawn of day is a new beginning as I welcome Life; new insights arise

From my belly through my heart, my joy breathes, “Thank you, God for my life”

Birdies tell us through their carefree laughter; Creation is in a loving affair

Leafs wiggle under bushes, drawing our attention to wonder, “What is in there?”

Breezes carry messengers of Glory for angels to honor our morning prayer

As we embrace our day with a heart of wonder, we feel love everywhere

New horizons challenge us to a Halleluiah! for another morning, we all share


How intimate and wonderful, we are all in Creation’s bliss

Knowing deep within our hearts, we’re given gifts so, we too bless

Always better, more awesome wonder to share in God’s tenderness

Receptive to God’s pure Love, we are fulfilled with a new assurance

Every morning when we listen, our precious Lord shows us this